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1.  Your organization must submit proof of your 501 (c)(3) status.  After verification, we will come to terms according to your anticipated criminal and sexual offender background check volume.  The terms agreement must be signed by two of your executive board members and mailed with the agreed upon retainer.

2.  Once we receive the signed agreement and retainer, we will give your organization a login and password.  This login and password is organization specific.

3.  You will then give anyone, in your organization, who needs a criminal and sexual offender background check this login and password. 

4.  The volunteer will then go to www.youthsportsbackgroundchecks.com and click on the login button on the screen.

5.  After they input the login and password they will be taken to our secure database and enter the information required.

6.  They will be required to give your organization and Youth Sports Background Checks authorization to run their criminal and sexual offender history before the form is accepted.

7.  Youth Sports Background Checks will then dowload, on a daily basis, the information from our database. 

8.  We will then email results, to your organizational contact, within 48-72 hours.

9.  Youth Sports Background Checks will invoice your organization for any amounts owed above the retainer or we will refund any amounts owed.    Invoices are due upon receipt.