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"Mansfield Youth Baseball Association has had the benefit of working with
Youth Sports Background Checks for several seasons now. With over 1,300 kids playing in our baseball organization, we take the safety of our children very seriously. They have been instrumental in helping us do everything we can to try and ensure the Coaches, Umpires, Photographers, etc. do not have a history of criminal offense(s) that could endanger our kids. 

Youth Sports Background Checks is very professional, courteous, prompt and thorough through the entire process. They have done an excellent job of not only making certain we get the information we need, but also is accessible to help explain anything we have questions on.

All of this service at such an affordable price has allowed us to feel confident in our research, and still keep our registration fees very affordable for our members.

Based on our experience with them, I would highly recommend their services to any organization interested in fostering a safe environment for children on playing fields and practice fields, regardless of size. "
Kevin Lewis, President
Mansfield Youth Baseball Association